Tuesday, August 27, 2019



It’s been awhile. Everything good?

I’m ok. Fine. Sort of.

I’ve been wondering why I don’t know how to write code, or why I dropped out of college, or why I’ve never developed a start up.

It’s so weird following these tech billionaires or millionaires on Twitter.

Reading their tweets on venture capitalism and I just finished my work day listening to people tell me that they don’t have any food to eat.

It’s like sitting on two sides of the world, but I’m right here, a plane ride away from start ups and venture capitalism and marketing, and entrepreneurial worlds.

I fall down rabbit holes and follow people that I have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about and they have absolutely no clue what it’s like NOT understanding what they’re talking about.

Social work versus start up.

I don’t think they really understand that there’s so many people with shitty jobs and they can’t afford healthcare and they can’t afford food.  Sometimes I’m one of those people.

People like me, we’re not complete idiots; but we’re not technologically savvy or educated or gifted.

I have dipped into some intense  communities. They’re fascinating.

The marching band parents community, the reseller community, the extreme couponing community. The self - help community, the “crush it” mentality community, the vegan community. Well I am vegan. So yeah, that’s an intense community but I really like it, cause I’m weird and love animals.

Now it’s the VC, start up, tech community.

Each community I dip into, it’s obvious very early on who are the icons, gurus.

The most retweeted, revered. It’s bizarre how each community has these incredibly famous people in their field, and the average worker like me, has never heard of them.

Even extreme couponers have their princesses, I know who they are now.

So far the tech VC start up world is the richest, most heady bunch I’ve ever read.

I don’t think they are spiritual, they don’t seem to be,  I’m guessing of course. Surmising by their tweets. They sure do love money, while pretending not to care about it.

It’s funny.

My generation from the seventies, we like money.

We honor God, but we sure do like money.

We don’t pretend we don’t like it, that’s why we refinanced our retirement to send our kids to good colleges so they could like money and live better than we did.

Why didn’t we just get some tech genius to teach our kids to write code, become a founder of a start up and skip the degree and debt?

Why didn’t I know about start ups? I kind of knew.

Just didn’t pay attention, our kids wanted to be actors, teachers, singers, makeup artists... and that’s what they chose. And that’s what they do.

I don’t even know if I could, I would even want a start up.

Who am I kidding? Of course I’d want one, then I could sell it, makes tons of money, save all the neglected animals and live my best life.

Now, does anyone here know how to write code?

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