Tuesday, August 27, 2019



It’s been awhile. Everything good?

I’m ok. Fine. Sort of.

I’ve been wondering why I don’t know how to write code, or why I dropped out of college, or why I’ve never developed a start up.

It’s so weird following these tech billionaires or millionaires on Twitter.

Reading their tweets on venture capitalism and I just finished my work day listening to people tell me that they don’t have any food to eat.

It’s like sitting on two sides of the world, but I’m right here, a plane ride away from start ups and venture capitalism and marketing, and entrepreneurial worlds.

I fall down rabbit holes and follow people that I have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about and they have absolutely no clue what it’s like NOT understanding what they’re talking about.

Social work versus start up.

I don’t think they really understand that there’s so many people with shitty jobs and they can’t afford healthcare and they can’t afford food.  Sometimes I’m one of those people.

People like me, we’re not complete idiots; but we’re not technologically savvy or educated or gifted.

I have dipped into some intense  communities. They’re fascinating.

The marching band parents community, the reseller community, the extreme couponing community. The self - help community, the “crush it” mentality community, the vegan community. Well I am vegan. So yeah, that’s an intense community but I really like it, cause I’m weird and love animals.

Now it’s the VC, start up, tech community.

Each community I dip into, it’s obvious very early on who are the icons, gurus.

The most retweeted, revered. It’s bizarre how each community has these incredibly famous people in their field, and the average worker like me, has never heard of them.

Even extreme couponers have their princesses, I know who they are now.

So far the tech VC start up world is the richest, most heady bunch I’ve ever read.

I don’t think they are spiritual, they don’t seem to be,  I’m guessing of course. Surmising by their tweets. They sure do love money, while pretending not to care about it.

It’s funny.

My generation from the seventies, we like money.

We honor God, but we sure do like money.

We don’t pretend we don’t like it, that’s why we refinanced our retirement to send our kids to good colleges so they could like money and live better than we did.

Why didn’t we just get some tech genius to teach our kids to write code, become a founder of a start up and skip the degree and debt?

Why didn’t I know about start ups? I kind of knew.

Just didn’t pay attention, our kids wanted to be actors, teachers, singers, makeup artists... and that’s what they chose. And that’s what they do.

I don’t even know if I could, I would even want a start up.

Who am I kidding? Of course I’d want one, then I could sell it, makes tons of money, save all the neglected animals and live my best life.

Now, does anyone here know how to write code?

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Two Princes


Hey you........I haven't blogged in about a year or so, therefore, if anyone is reading this.....well you'll have to forgive me, 'been kinda busy. I am writing something far more difficult than this blog. I mean really hard. 

Two Princes. I love this song. It's catchy and well....what happened to the Spin Doctors anyway???? Two Princes. 

I've had more than two princes in my life. 

Ummmm by the way,  I am in the middle of getting divorced. 

Yup, strike 2, but you ain't out...

It's easier than I thought it would be..second divorce. No kids together, no property settlement, no hard feelings (I think), just hire a lawyer and get the papers, and BAM, in 90 days we're divorced.

I thought each man I married was a prince. Therefore, I probably acted like a princess. Did I? Yup, I think so.

As each marriage ended I think, crap Maria, get a grip. Maria you suck at relationships. Maria, what the hell do want?

I'll tell you what I want. A regular guy who's a real prince. One who can put up with my moods. One who understands my panic attacks, one who isn't afraid to venture into conversation with my sometimes sick, twisted mind. One who likes the fact that I am a complicated, vulnerable, compassionate, demanding, whiny, witty, self-deprecating perfectionist.

Tall order. Few men can take me on. Probably even fewer princes. I get that.

So what can I do? Change who I am? Hell, no. An inauthentic me would be far worse. I'd get bored. Treat my prince like crap. End up leaving yet another prince.

Well, as this divorce comes to it's close, I realize, I'm no princess. I'm screwed up. And that's okay. We all are.

Oh and by the way, first prince has come back into my life. After 16 years of divorce, this prince knows he's got what it takes to deal with this princess. FINALLY MARIA.

Go for it. Love of my life at 19 years old.

This one wants to call me baby. So go ahead now. 




To be honest.

Writing is what I love. 

To be honest, I am not writing honestly most of the time. That's why I didn't write for a year.

Until I am completely honest in my writing, I am not a writer.

You know, next post, I will be honest.

Stop worrying about who is reading this, cause who cares anyway? 


Probably have adult ADD. 

To be honest.



Saturday, May 18, 2019


Hey, Judd Apatow, forget about This is 40. 

Think about This is 58.

My husband's best friend has been dead for a month now. Today. One month ago, this man was my husband's best friend, making plans to visit us and now he is dead and his ashes are sitting in an urn somewhere. We're not sure where. We're not sure why.

He wasn't sick. He shouldn't have died. He wasn't addicted to drugs. He wasn't a drunk. He wasn't in a car crash. We're stunned and numb.

This is 58. 

We watch the national news. We are bombarded with commercials warning us about our impending death. Heart disease, diabetes. Foreboding commercials for crash-proof retirement. 

We cannot afford to think about retirement yet. Divorce and remarriage and college debt for our kids screwed that up for us.

This is 58. 

Our backs hurt for no reason. 

Sex isn't everything. It helps, but it ain't everything.

We think our grandson is amazingly beautiful. 
He is the most adorable baby, ever. 

This is 58.

We watch The Dodo on YouTube. Alot.

We are so sick of all the sickos running around our planet.

We like Ray Donovan and The Kominsky Method and Tiger Woods and Bob's Burgers and Netflix and sports and sports and sports.

We did not vote for the current president. 

We miss the 80s. 

We see we what we don't have and we see what we want. We have to hustle to keep up. 

But we don't feel like doing anything. We just want to hit the lottery and pay off all our debt and move and be free.

This is 58. 



Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Been about a year since I’ve written anything.

I will catch up soon. Just hate typing on my iPad.

Miss my keyboard.



Sunday, April 1, 2018

I edited The Great Divorce and survived

Happy Easter and I edited my The Great Divorce post -- 'cause I read it after several months and it's boring and not exactly how I wanted it to look and read. I wrote the post in about 10 minutes about 9 months ago and re reading it was laborious to say the least.

So if you've read it, maybe re read it, maybe not.

I had a nervous breakdown in 2014. And now I know why they call it a breakdown.

It never breaks down.

You're stuck with that one label.

Even if you're healed -  you had a nervous breakdown.

You're not called a breakdown survivor, like cancer survivors. There's no victory in our healing.

You're a person who had a nervous breakdown and now at least for me, many people who I thought of as friends - want nothing to do with me. Shamed. Shunned.

How sad is that ?

Well it's pretty sad.

Breakdown survivors.

Happy Easter - representing resurrection- the new.

I'm healed now. I'm new. That was 4 years ago.

I'm a breakdown survivor. Are you?



And Another Holiday

Another Holiday is here. For an estranged mom like me that triggers a pit in my stomach, one  I can't shake.

But I've got to. My husband and family members will be waiting for me for Easter dinner, side dish in hand. 

I miss my daughters terribly - all of them - and hopefully I'll be seeing one daughter this Holiday and maybe even talk to another .. bestill my heart.. 

But one of my daughters still doesn't want to talk to me right now. 

And I have to respect that wish, and in the past I haven't.. I've sent pictures through email, glad tidings over Christmas, and a letter telling her I won't bother her anymore. And I won't. 

You see, once you're a mom, you're programmed to keep trying, at least I am, determined to make things all better, all warm and cozy, forgive and move forward and keep reiterating how much I love her. Even when she may feel I'm not worth loving. That doesn't matter to moms like me ... we love unconditionally so we think even though she doesn't want to talk to me - I gotta let her know I love her. 

But that's not respect. And my entire estrangement at it's core is love and respect. We all want it, we all need it, because we're human. 

So no reaching out anymore.  Respecting her wishes, praying for her happiness and sending my love to her into the universe and just letting it go. 

And another Holiday is here. Happy Easter wherever you are sweetheart... 

Cook the rice and beans, grab the flowers for my mom and mother in law and let my love vibe show. 

Christ is risen. 

Prayers for today and every day: 


Love Always,