Wednesday, January 22, 2020

No Thanks Needed


Decided to sit at my desktop and write. Here goes.

Came home from work, riled up 'cause today did not go as planned. Or as I had planned it in my head.

New manager moving their stuff into old manager's office and well, I wasn't feeling good about it. New rules, new implements (I like the old implements, they were working just fine thank you)  and my stomach started getting queasy midday. Work life.

Anyway, come home, husband is home, news is on, dinner is leftovers. We start talking about my not so planned happy work day and he gets up and he starts coughing and sneezing, and I'm watching the news and hearing him as he leaves the room and then, there it is.
I see him in the hallway not really moving and just coughing and kind of swaying.

Off goes the news. I'm up and leading him into the bathroom where he thinks he is going to vomit.

Ok, this is where my anxiety normally kicks into high gear, surprisingly though it did not. Nurture-nature mode swooped in and I stroked his back (while his head was over the toilet) no he didn't throw up, and I lead him upstairs and tucked him in bed, made sure he had a glass of flat ginger ale. And this is why I don't throw out ginger ale even though it's over a week old and flat. Comes in handy.

He's all tucked in, calm and cozy, and I tell him "no worries, I'll lock up, just rest". He looks up at me and says "thank you". That startled me. Maybe it was because he said it through his cpap mask; sounding muffled and childlike and earnest. He didn't have to thank me. This is marriage. This is being a caring wife, right? 

Or being a human, right?

I told him you don't have to thank me, but he insisted: "you're a good woman".  I prayed while pretending not to. I kissed his forehead gently and said "you're a good man and I love you". 

As human beings this is what we were created to do. Help each other. Lend a guiding hand when another human is sick and swaying. And not just for the people we love. For every human who needs a hand.

Every single one.

Even the new manager at my job. Time to change my attitude and help them get tucked in. Maybe I'll bring in a big bottle of ginger ale to the office tomorrow. They may need it.