Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Shut Up and Dance

On the way to a spin class my daughter and I decided to embark upon together, she played this song, "Shut Up and Dance". I loved it. I vaguely remember hearing it once or twice, but nevertheless, I shut up and listened and we chair-jammed throughout the way home.

Shut Up and Dance. My new mantra. Now don't get it twisted-- I still ADHERE to my old mantra: How about instead of doing things, we don't do things? ---- I just love that quote--I think it's a Tina Fey quote, but no matter...I still really love that quote. I'm tired peeps. 

However, shut up and dance got me thinking. Maybe I should shut up more. Yeah, I hear ya buds, good idea Maria.....wish you would....

I text and call and write and talk and I now realize, sometimes it's better to just shut up. Dance, optional. For me mandatory.

Anyway, I totally get that opening up and showing vulnerability as my lovely friend said to me today can be inspiring. (we did indeed had a great conversation)..connecting with someone through a great conversation is what I live for! I love it!! 

However, although showing vulnerability can be inspiring, funny, morbidly strange and empowering, due to my fragile state of mind, I NEED to be pickier with what I am saying and to whom I am saying it to.

I am so naive I think everybody's gonna be compassionate and empathetic and connectable, but guess what? They're not. They are flawed, self absorbed, impolite, dispassionate and downright rude.

So I learned some great lessons today: 

1---Connecting with someone through a great conversation is truly a blessing and breathes life into my tired body.

2--Expecting everyone is going to connect with me or be compassionate and kind is just plain dumb.

3--Stop telling any ol' person what I'm going through or how I'm feeling 'cause I end up angry if they are either rude, apathetic, or just plain mean. And stop feeling inferior to them because they're rude. 

4--Spin class is REALLY hard and my legs are really just two skinny jellyfish...

Now if I could muster the discernment to shut up more sometimes, I could dance all I want.

PS: Thanks to all the kind people I have spoken to today, girlfriends, work friends, church friends..and don't hesitate to tell me, Maria---shut up and dance.

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