Saturday, December 1, 2012

All I want for Chistmas

I casually asked my youngest daughter (she's 19) what she wanted for Christmas this year, and she said " A gun. Something compact that I could carry in my purse. You never know." When I asked my oldest daughter she said, " A taser..." (after all she is living in LA alone). 

Nothing says Christmas like the gift of weaponry.

What happened to Ugg boots, ihome, ipad and Juicy Couture stuff. (not that anyone was gonna get those things anyway, but hey, they didn't even ask!)

So I decided we are scaling back. Waaaay back. My middle daughter works for an after school program for 3rd graders in Virginia, and when she asked one little boy what he wanted for Christmas, he said, "one of those..." he was pointing to her glove!  

When I sent a small donation to the organization (and I know I am risking something simply by stating I did a good act rather than keeping it secret), Word Made Flesh in Peru, (my daughters went there on a mission trip in 2009, and many of you helped them financially), the thank you card I received stated in part: "We are designating your gift to buy 2 Christmas baskets that will each be filled full of staple food items and specialty treats for families who are striving to live off of the streets and support their own family and children...your gift is a tangible sign of God's great love...."

What the what? If these aren't wake up calls to all of us who run to KOP mall and buy a bunch of stuff for our families, stuff they clearly don't NEED, than I don't know what is. That chocolate fountain I bought last year seems even more ridiculous now than when I first bought it.

I mean, one glove?

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