Friday, November 30, 2012

Praying through Life

There's a song in the musical Wicked called "Dancing Through Life". Well I am praying my way through life. Praying like my life depended on it, 'cause at it turns out, it actually does.

 E. M. Bounds wrote, "In God's ability to do, He goes far beyond man's ability to ask". This pretty much sums up what I already suspected. I have absolutely no grasp on God's immense ability!

I have prayed for the same thing over and over as if He didn't hear me the first time. Or He can't make it happen. I started realizing this is sin; a denying of the Almighty's almighty-ness?  

Prayer is actually evolving every day for me. It's now becoming a conversation, an intimate relationship with my Creator, a two- way street. Disarmingly honest, sometimes painful to hear what He has to say and so gratifying when I actually understand. Delightfully satisfying.

Grasping God's ability. Awesome. I will keep praying my way through life. And along the way I'll do some dancing too.

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