Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Titles to Books I will probably never write

My best friend Kim and I share deep, meaningful conversations about God, relationships and money.  We also invent book titles to books we will probably never write. We love this. I am hoping you will too, here are some of our favs:

Carelessness Costs : A journey through the deep abyss of carelessness, how it ruins relationships, time, money, precious items and the cost of replacing things or people or relationships that can never really be replaced because you were careless! 

Not My Kid!!...Another how- to on parenting: Never underestimate the power of denial; especially when it comes to your child, and especially when other parents feel very free to tell you things you don't want to know about your kid #americanbeautytagline#eyeswideopen#lookatyourownkid.

How Not to Succeed in Business, By Not Really Trying: An essay instructing you on how not to study business in school, nor work in it, and therefore not succeeding. Easy Sunday reading for the little slacker in all of us.

The Magic Eraser for Your Soul:  If only Mr. Clean would come in and magically erase all the blotches and blunders and regrets on your soul. Oh, but that's right, we have someone much, much better than Mr. Clean. We have God. He's not magic, but He's the only one who can bleach and purify us better than any Johnson & Johnson product ever could. Booyah!

Thank you Kim for your insightful and funny contributions for our future New York Times Best Sellers that we will probably never write. I can't not do it without you. (yes I know I used a double negative). Whatevs.

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