Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Not So Sweet Taste of Bitterness

How does the bitterness go away? Simply by getting on your knees at the foot of the bed and asking God to come into your heart and erase it from you? My bitterness is deep and layered and crusty, not pastry-like, more like burnt stuffed brie, (which by the way I have recently committed and it was bitter and nasty, haha). Julia Child I am not.

I want to read the Word, pray for my enemies, or as we say now our frenemies, and feel unburdened. But deep deep down that burnt layer still sizzles. I am broken by bitterness. I am convicted of bitterness. Yet when I read something Lord-inspired, or simply pray and by praying I just beg God to cleanse the deepest layer of ugly in me, I slowly start to not care anymore. Is that the Lord dissolving my bitterness? I sure hope so. 

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