Sunday, November 3, 2013

Do you think Heaven is gonna look like Pottery Barn? If so, I AM READY LORD...

Pottery Barn sends me their catalog. Not because I ever ordered anything, I think it's because they know I really, really wish I could...

Perusing the pages of Pottery Barn makes think there is a life of loveliness. Pure, unadulterated loveliness. Every page fascinates me----do people have living rooms like this? Do they own lots of books and glass jars...and no dust? No cat litter boxes, no dirty kitchen towels? No dusty plants? No piles of junk mail?
Ahhhhhh Pottery Barn, you lovely, lovely vision of how I want to live. 

So I got to thinking, if God has created the people who produce Pottery Barn, the people so talented, so creative, so imaginative that these uber-talented people can make me swoon and convince me that buying a $1700.00 sofa would make my life ever so lovely....well imagine how Heaven looks? I mean, well, God is the creator of the creators of Pottery Barn, right? Soooo, that means Heaven is gonna look AWESOME. And, so while I am studying Pottery Barn and daydreaming, I somehow manage to configure God's role in it. I don't know why...but I see God in Pottery Barn. Or rather I see Heaven in Pottery Barn. 

I can't afford Pottery Barn. I also can't afford to sin. I do sin, but lucky for me, I am afforded grace and mercy. You see, I really, really want to end up in Heaven.

And I am hoping it's gonna look like Pottery Barn. Only better, 'cause I am in it.

It just occurred to me---do I only love God 'cause of his house?....oyyyyy that's not good. I got to think about this.

And pray about this. And maybe stop staring at catalogs.....

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