Wednesday, December 4, 2013

OH NO THEY DIDN'T....but's it ok....really.

Oh no they didn't!!! I created a blog last November, bought a domain name, and whilst I wasn't looking, my domain name went up for auction, and some organization bought it.

Wow the justifiable anger I felt! I made that name up; dangit!! The guy from told me it was business, happens all the time and to forget it, buy .net. But you and I both know .net is NOT .com.

The status of .com is far superior to .net. Ah...........vanity.

So I figured I will buy (notice I dropped the and) and as soon as I typed in, a google error popped up. Whatever. I'm done. 

We don't really own anything in this world anyway. God made it, He owns it, and to hold onto something and think you are never gonna lose it is just denial. Or wishful thinking. Or blissful ignorance. 

So learn from me. You can say you created it, but Somebody already did. And somebody else is ALWAYS ready to take it from you.

I am thankful for what God has given me. My ideas, my relationships, my possessions. But if He wants all of it back..................well it's His shut up Maria and give it up!

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