Tuesday, February 11, 2014

RIOT!------------remedy for your midlife morning

Ohhhhhhhhhh I never meant to brag. It was never my intention to brag!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

God, it just feels sooooooooooooooooo good.

While driving to work this morning, jacked up on coffee, prepping to interview 14 or 15 clients, mentally preparing for the next 8 hours I started fumbling around in the middle console of my car. Need music. Need music. Calm down, just put on something soothing. Usually it's Chris Tomlin, or Frank, or West Side Story Soundtrack or ELO, even Susan Boyle...whatever.

But without looking I pulled out and plopped in this : Paramore: Riot! My girls' CD. They must've played it while borrowing my car when they were home on Christmas vaca... 'cause normally it's Bing, or The Beatles or The Gin Blossoms, that pop up for air from that deep, dark console.

Ok then; I am in the business of misery, track 4, so let's take it from the top. Now what? I'll tell you what. That song is banging.

I gotta be real. I always, ALWAYS wanted to be Joan Jett. Enough said. My generation.

Anyway, I am now flying down MacDade Blvd, weaving in and out of lanes, literally singing...uhh no, not singing, screaming this song. This angry, kick-ass female empowerment chick-flik without the sensitivity song. I subconsciously knew the lyrics from all those times long before the girls got their own cars...when I was the chauffeur shuttling them from one door to another.

Let me say this again: that song is banging.

It's just what I needed, I didn't care that I was using my mascara as a microphone. I do my makeup at red lights on the way to work....I didn't care if anybody saw me.....I was just flashbackin' to being 21 or 22 and driving fast and singing loud to Joan, Blondie, and Chrissie Hynde. Doesn't everybody do this? Yes, you all do it.

Hey, when Chris Tomlin is singing Indescribable *Amazing God*.....I don't care if people see me raising my right hand in praise!! I am in my car, my cocoon, and no one's really looking anyway. 

I got to work in like 14 minutes, fully prepared, fully ready for the day ahead. Stoked.

Sometimes you just need a lot of coffee and a good riot. 

My baby girl singing my morning rush!

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