Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hey Jealousy!!

Songs to listen to after a bad break-up and/or divorce....

I needed these songs...they got me through gritty, tough times. Divorce, break-ups with after divorce boyfriends. Even the one I eventually married. Maybe they can help you too.

If you're looking to cry your eyes out: 

Hoobastank--The Reason. Yeah by the way the reason may not be you, but you'll still cry your eyes out 'cause you'll still think it's you.

No Doubt---Don't Speak. Well really, don't speak, 'cause you know just what he's saying. Just cry.

Eve 6--Inside Out. Still cry to that one. Break-up or no break-up. It's powerful, just as powerful as sick like ginger ale. Prophetic.

Vince Vance and the Valiants--All I want for Christmas is You. Not the Mariah Carey version, this version is sooo bluesy and country while being 80's I can't get enough of it. The video is ridiculous. But you'll cry anyway.

Gin Blossoms--Found out about You. I sure did. Dangit.

If you're looking to move on, but you're still shaken:

Puddle of Mudd--She Hates Me. Replace the she with he, queen with king, and you're in business.

ELO--Hold on Tight to Your Dream. Ok, part of this is in French, but who cares? You're holding on tight and that's all that matters.

The Clash--Train in Vain. Damn you, you didn't stand by me. No not at all. No way.

Incubus--Drive. Yup, I am taking that wheel and I am driving right through that fear. Haunting lyrics.

Joan Jett--I Hate Myself for Loving You. I really do. Enough said. 

Gin Blossoms--Hey Jealousy. This is definitely one of my favorites. I identity with this song so much, I know it verbatim, blare it regularly and yeah you may have been the best I've ever had..but HEY I am moving on and the beginning riff is bangin'. I've often wondered the story behind this song as the songwriter unfortunately committed suicide. Makes me love it all the more. 

So there they are. Just a few suggestions I came up with on what songs to blare during your storm. Crying it out is good. Banging it out and moving forward is much better. Take it from me. 

I've done both.    

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