Friday, April 11, 2014


It's amazing how many incredibly kind people I meet. And as I have stated before, I am always taken aback by kindness. Don't know why, maybe I was innately programmed to distrust most people, and I was usually suspect of any kindness people show toward me or others. I used to think in the back of my mind, what's in it for them?

But then I met the Incredibles.

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. The people I never expect to be genuinely kind..they are superheroes.

The people I work with, the caseworkers, the underdogs of government, working under the most stressful conditions, dealing with impossible deadlines, confronted with a litany of problems. They serve the most vulnerable people of our county. They serve me as well. With grace. With dignity. With kindness. With aplomb. With love. Incredible.

Working with me. Me working with them. 

The people I continually meet through Blue Route Vineyard (my church), my small group, the YoungLife committee members, all who welcome me in their homes, their lives. With grace. With kindness. With love. Incredible. 

Praying for me. Me praying for them. 

Friends. The people I have been lucky enough to call friend. Ever present for me, always; through the fun times, the tough times, the ugliest of times. Listening to my rants, holding my heart through my tears.

Rooting for me. Me rooting for them. 

Daughters. Loving me with all their hearts. Me loving them with every ounce I can muster. Incredible.

Husband. Pounding the pavement, going above and beyond my expectations in every way throughout this painful time. Him loving me, me loving him. 

Family. The generosity and love from my mother and family is truly INCREDIBLE.

The emotional help I have received throughout this difficult time in my life blows my mind. While my husband continues to look for work, the prayers, the encouragement, the love I have consumed is incredible.

I am surrounded by Superheroes. I am grateful.

God has given me THE INCREDIBLES. 

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